Trent Taylor

Trent Taylor drives the attitude and brand experience of Super League Triathlon. Leading the broadcast television and digital content offerings, Super League Triathlon’s worldwide marketing and communications platforms, media relations, the look and feel of our events, athlete marketing, merchandising and commercial partnerships Trent is committed to creating “wow” moments. 

“Whether you are watching Super League Triathlon on television, your handheld device or you are cheering live from the side of the race course, I want you to have an experience that you haven’t had in triathlon before and feel truly engaged. I want you to be able to buy the replica jersey of your favourite athlete and wear it with pride. I want to celebrate and promote the great rivalries, personalities and performances of our athletes in a way that no other has before. I want to be bold and I want to entertain you.”


Shane Smith

Shane Smith has more than twenty years' experience in the triathlon and major events industry in Australia and across the globe. A former athlete himself, Shane is one of Australia’s most skilled and capable event professionals and will use his combined event operations and athlete experience to create inspiring and unique experiences for the competitors. Shane is committed to leading the operations team to produce an exciting and innovative product that has never been seen before.

“Together, with the Super League Triathlon team, I want to create fast-paced and exciting races in some of the most beautiful locations in the world for our professional athletes to showcase their incredible skill and fitness and inspire the next generation of triathletes."


Carter Jackson

Carter Jackson brings our partnerships and sponsorships to life. An Australian sailing legend and veteran of sports event management, Carter aims to make sure that partners and sponsors can take advantage of the myriad opportunities to activate their brand and presence at Super League Triathlon and reach millions of sports fans worldwide.

"During my sporting career I gained a complete understanding of the importance of working closely with sponsors and giving them their bang for the buck. I want to go above and beyond for our valued sponsors and partners involved in Super League Triathlon."


Anastassia “Stacey” Boguslavskaya

Stacey Boguslavskaya spearheads social and digital media content management and strategy for all Super League Triathlon social channels. Her expertise comes from years of tried-and-tested passion for building relationships and creating communities that engage and connect audiences to one another and their brand. With unmatched creativity and a flair for creating attention-catching content across social multi-mediums, Stacey connects people to passions, places and personal interests. Athletes and fans of the sport will be able to really be part of the action with Stacey as she breathes life into the social media channels of Super League Triathlon.

“In an endless sea of status updates, baby pictures, cat videos and information that overwhelms our social media and digital feeds, I plan to make Super League Triathlon a welcome contrast and a platform that athletes, fans and followers will be excited to have on their feeds. I want to make Super League Triathlon the source you rely on for everything triathlon in your life.”


Ashlee Stewart

Ashlee Stewart has a cosmopolitan approach to event organizing, born of years spent overseas managing events from fashion to fundraisers. After four years as director of operations in a sports, health and wellness facility in Phuket, she joins the Super League Triathlon team to oversee athlete communication, travel, and office management ensuring a smooth and seamless world-class experience.

“Passion is more than just enthusiasm, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body and soul into something as is humanly possible. Being a part of the Super League team allows me to embrace my lifelong passion for sports and fitness, and distill it in others while bringing something new and exciting to the world of triathlon.”


Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is Super League Triathlon’s resident wordsmith. A long-time lifestyle and sports blogger with a masters degree in Media Studies (Journalism), she aims to tell Super League’s tales of athletic glory, loss, drama and heroism that pull participant and spectator alike into the sport of triathlon. 

“I love a good story, and where better to find a multitude of them than in the high-stakes, fast-and-furious racing in Super League Triathlon? I want to highlight all that’s newsworthy while transporting you right into the midst of the action, making sure you don’t miss a thing.”



Super League Triathlon is THE game changer. We work with the best of the breed from across industries to revolutionize triathlon and bring the experience of sport to a whole new level.